Powerful as a mantra.

SHOE x International Women’s Day

Women today enjoy far more rights, opportunities, and freedom than their grandmothers could have imagined. But when it comes to equality, few women sit at the decision-making tables while too many are often the greatest victims of war and violence.

The energy behind #SHOEWOMEN project is to bring awareness about gender inequality by supporting self-definition and courage in society. ‘My f**king choice’ T-shirt and hoodie express the impossibility of negotiating our body or identity to some old social rules. In that sense, clothes can spread the message like a mantra ‘Women, Women, Women’ to make you feel loved and conscious.

Both graphics are exclusively available at weareshoe.com.

We are stronger together.

To do something concrete, SHOE supports MondoDonna Onlus Association by donating clothes to four mother-child facilities in Bologna (Emilia-Romagna), where pregnant women and mothers with their children receive hospitality, protection, and educational projects.


people hosted at Association MondoDonna Onlus mother-child facilities


rescued people in 12 months


MondoDonna Onlus Association believes that all people of any sex, origin, belonging, and social condition have equal dignity and rights. Unfortunately, even today, many women, mothers, and children do not have the opportunity to have an active role and fulfillment in society. Too many are fleeing from unacceptable living conditions, poverty, and war. MondoDonna Onlus proposes itself as a reference point for all these people by offering hospitality, shelter, and support in searching for autonomy.

None of us can do everything,
but each of us can do something.

Join us and MondoDonna Onlus Association.
Help and donate here.