Shoe® #RemakeArchive

Shoe® #RemakeArchive

Making one-of-a-kind pieces out of the old.

Shoe® #RemakeArchive is the result of transforming useless products from past collections into new materials that present a unique aesthetic, wear, and history. The processes of cutting them up, splicing them together, and constructing new shapes and designs are based on the value of avoiding waste. And, hey, good news: it’s a sustainable practice! The final purpose is to convert extra productions, giving a second life to old pieces and enjoy them as a new fashion.

The first drop from #RemakeArchive focuses on Men's styles and consists of a series of experimental and one-of-a-kind remakes including T-shirts and sweaters spliced together into unusual and modern creations. These patched-together styles present unique combinations of Shoe® different patterns, sizes, and designs turned into asymmetrical fabrics and contrasting colors.

That sense of mixing and matching makes every piece all different even if they have the same shape.

Come explore #RemakeArchive
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