Vera Kochubey in her Berlin studio shot by Carolin Saage.


International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Shoe® teams up with Berlin-based artist Vera Kochubey to launch an exclusive T-shirt and face mask for International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women whose profits will go to CHEAP collective in support of artistic projects and awareness campaigns against male and gender violence in all its forms.

#KOCHUBEYxShoe® is a bold yet silent protest driven by the statement ‘Fuck Ignorance Fuck Violence Fuck Hate!!!’ that screams change with an authentic approach and is worn by the body without needing to be animated. The choice of only two colors, black and white, tells of the extreme and definitive denial of violence in all its forms.

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The t-shirt is made of 100% cotton and genderless - made for everybody. Face mask and t- shirt will be available in pre-order exclusively at

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[CHEAP, A Wall for Women]

Sales profit will be donated to CHEAP, a public art project founded by six women in Bologna (Italy) in 2013. The independent collective promotes Street Art as a tool for urban regeneration and investigation of the territory by delimiting new narrative paths in the space of a poster. Donation will support the project 'A wall for women to say no to violence' that celebrates 30 years of Casa delle Donne Bologna, a reference point in the area for all women who are victims of violence.

'The idea behind the artwork is to speak in a direct and playful way about really serious things and draw people's attention to the changes that need to be done in the world.' Vera Kochubey

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