We met Beba in our flagship store in Corso Garibaldi 16, Milan. L’Officiel Italia was there too to interview the Turin rapper and collect all details of her life and her latest album, Crisalide, a title that she defines as “a phase of rebirth, that moment in which I stopped and said: ok where do I go? Let’s choose a direction.” And many have followed her, such as Carl Brave, Myss Keta, Willie Peyote, Vipra, and Angelino Panebianco, who collaborated on successful songs.

From her childhood dream of being a veterinarian to becoming a rapper, Beba reveals a lot about her world, especially in the process that makes her understand she can do it alone in the music industry without being introduced by an alpha male.


Before the pandemic, I had quite a different style from now, starting with colored hair. Then, during the album process, I did a wardrobe reset—a back-to-basic. I wanted to feel lighter and think less about what I’m wearing. I needed as little stress as possible in that period. I don’t consider myself a fashion girl. I have always worn whatever I like in everyday life since I was a child, and it has always been like that. But then, of course, I love to pose, shoot, wear and change clothing.


My music expresses my thoughts; my experiences lived on my skin. If you don’t know enough or don’t have a clear opinion on something, there’s no need to talk. Those who listen to my song feel the proactive messages, especially those linked to the female figure. I have implicitly fought, and I fight daily for women’s emancipation in music. We shouldn’t be a minority.


Particularly in the rap scene, there’s always the need for a man’s approval, an alpha male to give women the blessing. I have always fought against this attitude to show that we can do it alone. Thinking it can’t be possible is a significant deterrent that often puts you off. I have a lot of girls writing to me, which makes me proud. The focus of my songs is always on female power.


Roberta Lazzerini, aka Beba, was born in 1994. After participating in hip-hop events as the first step, she becomes a point of reference in the Italian urban scene in a few years, collaborating on many hits with Salmo, Lazza, and other artists. In October 2021, she released her first album, Crisalide, featuring Carl Brave, M¥SS KETA, and Willie Peyote. Just as the title evokes, it’s the sign of a new artistic identity, the fruit of her rebirth.