The environment must be taken care of, especially in fashion.
That’s one of the reasons why our delivery packaging is made from 40% recycled plastics and our down jackets and swim shorts are entirely made from 100% recycled plastic bottles featuring REPREVE technology. Plus, selected T-shirts are composed of 100% organic cotton, which requires less water and reduces CO2 emissions. All items combine breathable comfort and durability with a planet-friendly design.

We are RESPONSIBLE for what you WEAR.

We feel obliged to follow a sustainable route in the name of our brand’s love for the planet. Waste is nothing. We take what others consider useless and give it a new life.

Products are made to do good because earth deserves our love.

Organic Cotton

T-shirts are made using 100% organic cotton which requires less water and reduces CO2 emissions. Crafted from natural fibers, they combine breathable comfort and durability with a planet-friendly design.


Our commitment to the planet is a matter of fact.

Recycled Plastic

Our dawn jackets and swimwear lines are entirely made from 100% recycled plastic bottles featuring REPREVE technology.

From winter to summer, the future looks exciting.

Easy steps to change our mindset:


Look after your clothes so they last longer.

Clothes are supposed to be loved and appreciated. Having truly sustainable garment care practices starts with making us feel more invested in our purchases. Look after them properly and you will have to replace things less often. Have a look at our care instructions to keep your clothes stay at their best for longer. Special garments deserve special treatments.


Go for quality over quantity.

It’s all about planning. Better quality costs you more money but you’re likely to have your garment for longer and will be buying less per season overall. Make sure each purchase is something you love, that suits your body shape and will wear for years to come. Create your own timeless personal style and move towards a quality capsule wardrobe.


Mend your clothes or donate your unwanted ones.

Mend your clothes not only makes them last for longer but makes you feel good about your choice. If an item is still wearable but maybe doesn’t fit you well anymore, give it to a friend, donate it to a thrift shop, or give it to charity.
Don’t leave them hanging in your wardrobe while start donating to help others to be more sustainable.


Invest in trans-seasonal clothes.

T-shirts, coats, jackets, chinos, and timeless styles create a much more sustainable wardrobe. When in doubt, buy items that you know will work for you all year round. A good question to ask yourself is: ‘Will I wear it a minimum of 30 times?’ If the answer is yes, then buy it.

Easy sustainably caring instructions:

Steaming instead of ironing.

Steaming is much more gentle on your clothing. The only time we recommend ironing over steaming is when the wrinkles cannot be removed with steam alone..

Wash clothes as little as possible.

Too much washing will damage the material. Instead, treat it like a rug: hit it gently to get out any dust or dirt, and air it out to get rid of slight smells or mustiness.

Eco-friendly detergent.

A detergent that does not contain phthalates, phosphates, and non-biodegradable surfactants will make your wash as healthy for your skin and the run-off water as possible. If you plan to wash wool, cashmere, or silk, make sure your detergent is enzyme-free. Enzymes attack these natural fibers, causing the fabric to erode over time.

Learn how to repair clothes yourself.

Learning how to repair your clothes and accessories – or pay a professional to do it – is better than throwing things out when they feel worn. When something rips or a heel breaks, plenty of Youtube tutorials will help you give your clothing a new life. It’s creative work, after all.